Shop worldwide with A2E’s personalised Singapore address. Get access to exclusive international products, enjoy shipping savings, and buy from sites that don’t ship overseas.

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I. Shop the world, delivered to your Singapore doorstep with A2E

1. Tired of limited shopping options in Singapore?

Singapore is a vibrant hub of commerce, but sometimes, you crave something a little different. Maybe you’ve set your sights on the latest European fashion trends, or perhaps unbeatable deals on American electronics are calling your name. But when it comes to buying from overseas stores, Singaporean shoppers often face frustrating limitations:

High shipping costs: International shipping fees can quickly eat into your shopping budget, making that dream purchase seem out of reach.

Restricted websites: Some online stores simply don’t ship to Singapore, leaving you empty-handed and disappointed.

International payment challenges: Navigating international currency conversions and credit card fees can be a complex and time-consuming hassle.

A2E is here to break down these barriers and empower you to shop the world! With our innovative solution, you can finally buy for yourself from anywhere in the world and have your purchases delivered conveniently to your doorstep in Singapore.

2. Unlock a world of shopping possibilities

A2E offers a suite of benefits designed to make your international shopping experience smooth, secure, and rewarding:

Free personalized Singapore address: Say goodbye to the frustration of “ship-to-freight-forwarder” workarounds. Sign up for a free A2E membership and receive your very own Singapore address. This allows you to shop seamlessly on any international website, eliminating geographical restrictions.

Global shopping paradise: A2E opens doors to a world of exclusive products and brands unavailable in Singapore. Discover the latest fashion trends from Europe, score unbeatable deals on electronics from the US, or pamper yourself with unique beauty and health products from Asia. Enhance your home with one-of-a-kind décor and furnishings from all corners of the globe – the possibilities are endless!

Significant shipping savings: A2E offers competitive shipping rates, allowing you to enjoy substantial cost savings compared to individual international shipping fees. We consolidate your packages for efficient forwarding, maximising your value for money.

Shop without borders: No longer are you restricted by websites that don’t ship to Singapore. A2E acts as your intermediary, ensuring your purchases reach you safely and securely, regardless of the seller’s location.

Effortless international payments: Forget the complexities of international transactions. Pay for your purchases directly with your preferred Singaporean payment methods, avoiding the hassle of currency conversions and international credit card fees.

II. Shop the world seamlessly with A2E’s four-step process:

A2E streamlines your international shopping experience with a user-friendly, four-step process designed for maximum convenience:

Sign up & get your Singapore address: Become an A2E member in just a few minutes and receive your personalised Singapore address. This unique address unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing you to shop at any international online store, even those with regional restrictions.

Shop your favourite stores: Browse your favourite international websites and add items to your cart like you normally would. There’s no need to change your shopping habits – A2E integrates seamlessly with your existing online shopping routine.

Checkout with confidence: During checkout, simply use your designated A2E Singapore address for delivery. This ensures your purchases are shipped directly to A2E’s secure facility.

Delivered to your doorstep: Once your package arrives at A2E, they efficiently consolidate and forward it to your preferred address in Singapore. This allows you to enjoy cost-effective shipping on multiple purchases while still receiving them conveniently at home.

III. Why Choose A2E for Your Global Shopping Needs?

A2E isn’t just another package forwarding service. We elevate your international shopping experience with a range of benefits that go beyond simply providing a Singapore address. Here’s why A2E is your perfect partner for global shopping:

World of Exclusive Products: A2E unlocks a treasure trove of unique and exciting products from international brands unavailable in Singapore. Unleash your inner explorer and discover that one-of-a-kind item you’ve been dreaming of.

Budget-Friendly Shopping: Enjoy significant cost savings with A2E’s competitive shipping rates. We combine your purchases into efficient shipments, saving you money compared to individual international delivery fees. Plus, say goodbye to hefty international transaction fees and experience a more affordable way to shop globally.

Unwavering Trust and Security: A2E is your reliable partner in international shopping. Our secure platform ensures a smooth and worry-free experience. Rest assured, your purchases are in safe hands every step of the way.

Effortless Convenience: Shop from a multitude of international online stores with just one A2E account. Forget juggling multiple accounts or deciphering complex international shipping procedures. We streamline the process, letting you focus on finding the perfect items.

IV. Unlock a world of shopping possibilities

A2E breaks down geographic barriers and opens doors to a universe of incredible products. Explore a diverse selection across various categories, allowing you to express your personal style and enhance your living space:

Fashionistas Rejoice: Stay at the forefront of fashion with the latest trends in clothing, footwear, and accessories from leading international brands. Whether you crave the chic styles of Europe, the trendy vibes of Asia, or the classic elegance of the US, A2E delivers it all to your doorstep.

Tech Savvy Shoppers Unite: Score exclusive deals on the hottest gadgets and cutting-edge tech from around the globe. From smartphones and laptops to innovative electronics you never knew existed, A2E brings the world’s latest advancements straight to you.

Indulge in Beauty & Wellness: Discover a treasure trove of innovative skincare, makeup, and wellness products unavailable in Singapore. Pamper yourself with international favourites and explore new ways to enhance your beauty routine and well-being.

Craft Your Dream Home: Elevate your home decor with unique furniture, furnishings, and lifestyle accessories sourced from all corners of the world. A2E lets you personalize your living space with a touch of international flair, creating a home that reflects your unique style.

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