Do you dream of snagging incredible deals on Amazon Singapore, only to be discouraged by the high shipping costs to Vietnam? You’re not alone. But what if there was a secret weapon to unlock massive savings and finally snag those amazing Amazon Singapore finds? Introducing A2E, the savvy shopper’s solution to conquering high shipping costs and maximising savings on your favourite products.

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I. Mastering Amazon Singapore sales: A Step-by-Step Guide

Amazon Singapore is a shopping haven throughout the year, but major sales events offer the biggest opportunities to snag incredible bargains. Here’s a breakdown of key sales to mark on your calendar:

  1. Know the Sales Calendar of Amazon Singapore:

Amazon Singapore keeps the deals flowing throughout the year. Here are some key sales periods to watch for:

– Prime Day (Typically in July): This exclusive event for Amazon Prime members offers deep discounts across various categories, often with unbeatable prices on electronics, homeware, and fashion. Being a Prime member also grants early access to some deals, giving you a head start on the shopping frenzy.

– Black Friday (Late November): A global shopping extravaganza, Black Friday on Amazon Singapore promises massive price cuts across a wide range of products. Expect to find incredible deals on everything from laptops and smartphones to clothing and beauty products.

– Seasonal sales: Amazon Singapore also throws seasonal sales throughout the year, often coinciding with major holidays in the region.
Chinese New Year sale (January/February): Celebrate the Lunar New Year with festive promotions on everything from apparel and electronics to homeware and decorations.

– (June – July): This city-wide shopping event often extends to Amazon Singapore, offering attractive deals on fashion, travel essentials, and more.

2. Staying updated on upcoming sales:

To stay ahead of the curve and plan your shopping sprees strategically, consider these resources:

Amazon Singapore Website: Bookmark the official Amazon Singapore website ( for regular updates on upcoming sales and promotions.

Reputable Shopping Blogs: Subscribe to blogs focused on Singaporean shopping trends or specifically Amazon Singapore sales. These blogs often provide insightful analysis of upcoming sales and highlight the best deals.

Bonus Tip: Utilise browser extensions or mobile apps dedicated to tracking online deals. Some may even offer notifications for specific brands or product categories you’re interested in on Amazon Singapore.

II. Unlocking the Power of A2E for Vietnamese Shoppers

1. How A2E works: Your shopping bridge to Singapore:

Imagine having a friend in Singapore who receives your Amazon orders, then expertly combines them and ships them to Vietnam for a fraction of the usual cost. That’s the magic of A2E! Here’s a breakdown of our service:

Step 1: Get your Singapore address: A2E assigns you a unique virtual address in Singapore when signing up. Use this address during checkout on Amazon Singapore just like any regular shipping address.

Step 2: A2E Receives your purchases: Once your Amazon orders arrive at the Singapore address, A2E takes care of everything. We securely store your packages and combine your packages into a single, optimised shipment. This eliminates the hefty fees associated with multiple individual packages, saving you significant money.

Step 3: Vietnam delivery at your doorstep: Finally, A2E efficiently ships your consolidated package to your address in Vietnam, ensuring it arrives safely and securely.

2. The Benefits of a Singapore Address: Deals, Prices, and More!

Having a Singapore address through A2E unlocks a treasure trove of benefits for Vietnamese shoppers:

Access exclusive deals and promotions: Amazon Singapore frequently offers deals and promotions that are only available to Singaporean customers. With A2E, you can grab these amazing deals and potentially find lower prices on a wider selection of products compared to Vietnamese retailers.

Lower Overall Costs: Shipping directly from Amazon Singapore to Vietnam can be expensive. A2E’s consolidation service dramatically reduces shipping costs by combining multiple packages into one, saving you significant money.

Peace of Mind with Secure Storage: A2E provides secure storage for your purchases until they are ready for shipment. This gives you peace of mind knowing your items are safe and sound.

III. Shipping Smarter: Advanced Strategies for Cost Optimization

1. Shipment Consolidation: The power of one box:

A2E’s magic touch extends beyond providing a Singapore address. Our shipment consolidation service is a game-changer for saving on international shipping costs. Here’s why:

Imagine this: Instead of receiving multiple packages, each with its own hefty shipping fee, A2E combines your Amazon orders into a single, optimized shipment. This significantly reduces the overall shipping cost, especially for smaller items like clothing or accessories. Think of it like paying for one large suitcase instead of several smaller ones – a much better deal!

2. Think Light, Ship Smart: Weight Matters!

Every gram counts when it comes to international shipping costs. Here are some strategies to keep your A2E shipments light and your wallet happy:

Embrace Lightweight Champions: Focus on items with minimal weight, like clothing, accessories, or books. These will have a smaller impact on your overall shipping cost.

Strategic Order Splitting: If your heart desires a heavier item, consider splitting your order strategically. Purchase the heavier item separately or combine it with just one or two other lightweight items to keep the overall weight (and shipping cost) down.

PLUS TIP: Embrace Digital Deliveries: Whenever possible, option for digital deliveries like ebooks, music downloads, or software licenses. These avoid physical shipping altogether, saving you money and ensuring instant access to your purchases.

3. Shipping Insurance: Protect your precious cargo

While A2E takes great care in handling your packages, unexpected situations can arise during shipping. Here’s where shipping insurance comes in:

Peace of mind for Valuables: For valuable purchases like electronics, jewelry, or high-end clothing, consider adding shipping insurance. This provides financial protection in case your package is lost or damaged during transit.
Weighing the cost-benefit: The cost of insurance varies depending on the value of your item. Evaluate the item’s value and weigh it against the insurance cost to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment for your peace of mind. A2E should be able to provide you with clear information on adding insurance during the shipping process.

IV. Bonus Tips: Beyond the Basics – Unlocking Extra Savings on Amazon Singapore

1. Amazon Warehouse Deals: Hidden Gems Await

Don’t be afraid to explore the treasure trove of Amazon Warehouse Deals on Amazon Singapore! This section offers significant discounts on a variety of products, including:

Open-Box Items: These items have been opened or returned but are still in good condition. You might find perfectly functional products with minimal packaging wear or slight cosmetic imperfections, all at a fraction of the original price.

Used-Like-New Items: These pre-owned items have been meticulously inspected and are in excellent condition, often indistinguishable from brand new.

Pre-Owned Items: These previously owned items come at even steeper discounts. They may have some signs of use, but they are still fully functional.

2. Shop During Off-Peak Hours: A Potential Perk

While not a guaranteed strategy, some shoppers suggest that browsing and purchasing on Amazon Singapore during off-peak hours (late nights or early mornings) might lead to better deals. The logic behind this is that there’s less competition for deals during these times. It’s worth a try, especially during major sales events when competition is high.

3. Cashback Credit Cards: Double Down on Savings

Combine the power of A2E with a cashback credit card to maximise your savings on Amazon Singapore:

Earn Cashback Rewards: Look for cashback credit cards offered by Singaporean banks that reward you with a percentage of your online purchases. This translates to additional savings on top of your A2E-powered discounts.

Maximise Your Rewards: Some credit cards offer bonus cashback on specific categories like electronics or fashion, potentially increasing your savings even further on your Amazon Singapore shopping sprees.

By incorporating these bonus tips into your shopping strategy, you can transform yourself into a shopping master, unlocking a world of savings and maximizing your value on Amazon Singapore!


Ready to unlock a world of savings on Amazon Singapore? A2E empowers you to shop like a local, navigate sales like a pro, and ship efficiently for ultimate cost optimization. Remember to leverage A2E’s Singapore address to access exclusive deals, explore Amazon Warehouse Deals for hidden gems, and potentially score extra savings by shopping during off-peak hours. Therefore, don’t wait any longer – sign up for A2E today and start your shopping adventure with confidence and incredible savings!