Tired of fleeting trends and disposable fashion? Craving unique style with a conscience? Look no further than Ylian, a Vietnamese brand bringing a refreshing perspective to sustainable fashion. Ylian garments are crafted from quality, natural materials and imbued with a timeless, vintage-inspired aesthetic. The brand’s ethos prioritizes ethical production and eco-conscious practices, making it a perfect fit for the environmentally conscious Singaporean shopper. And the best part? Thanks to A2E freight, getting your hands on these beautiful pieces has never been easier.



I. Ylian’s Story: A Commitment to Ethical Fashion

1. Founding in Vietnam

Ylian was born out of a desire to redefine fashion in Vietnam. The founders wanted to move away from the mass-produced, fast fashion model and instead focus on creating timeless pieces that tell a story. Their journey began in the bustling streets of Hanoi, where tradition meets modernity, and this blend is evident in every piece Ylian creates.

2. The “Build a Healthier Relationship” Philosophy

Ylian operates on a simple yet profound philosophy: “Build a healthier relationship with fashion.” This means choosing quality over quantity, embracing slow fashion, and promoting mindful consumption. They believe in creating clothes that last, both in terms of style and durability, thus reducing waste and encouraging a more sustainable approach to fashion.

3. Sourcing Natural Fabrics and Working with Skilled Artisans

One of Ylian’s core principles is using natural, eco-friendly fabrics. From organic cotton to silk and linen, every material is carefully selected to ensure it aligns with their sustainability goals. But it’s not just about the materials; it’s also about the hands that craft them. Ylian collaborates with skilled artisans who bring their unique touch to each garment, ensuring every piece is a work of art.

4. Emphasis on Vintage-Inspired Designs with a Modern Twist

Ylian’s designs are a homage to the past, drawing inspiration from vintage fashion. However, they infuse these designs with a modern twist, making them relevant for today’s fashion-forward individuals. The result is a collection that feels both nostalgic and contemporary, perfect for those who appreciate timeless style.

II. Why Singaporeans Love Vietnamese Fashion (and Why Ylian Stands Out)

1.Why Singaporeans Love Vietnamese Fashion?

The allure of Vietnamese fashion in Singapore is undeniable. It offers a refreshing alternative to mainstream brands, with a unique aesthetic that combines several key aspects:

Fresh Take on Style: Vietnamese fashion often features bold prints, intricate details, and unexpected silhouettes, offering a departure from the typical Singaporean wardrobe.

Value for Money: Singaporean shoppers appreciate the affordability that Vietnamese fashion provides, allowing them to experiment with new trends without breaking the bank.

Quality Craftsmanship: Vietnamese fashion is known for its focus on quality construction, often utilizing skilled artisans for a touch of tradition in each piece.

2. Why Does Ylian Stand Out?

While Vietnamese fashion offers a strong overall package, Ylian takes it a step further by prioritizing these additional qualities:

Timeless Style: Ylian focuses on creating classic pieces with a vintage inspiration, ensuring they transcend fleeting trends. You’ll find investment pieces you’ll cherish for years to come.

Superior Comfort: Ylian uses luxurious natural fabrics like linen and silk, offering a noticeable difference in comfort and breathability compared to synthetics, which are ideal for Singapore’s warm climate.

Sustainable Practices: In a world that’s increasingly aware of environmental issues, Ylian’s sustainable practices resonate deeply. From eco-friendly fabrics to ethical production processes, they are committed to reducing their environmental footprint.

Seamless Shopping Experience: Thanks to A2E freight, Singaporeans can now enjoy a seamless shopping experience. No more worrying about long shipping times or unreliable deliveries. A2E ensures your Ylian pieces arrive promptly and in perfect condition.

III. A2E Freight: Your Gateway to Ylian in Singapore

1. Overview of A2E

A2E is a logistics company that specialises in bridging the gap between Southeast Asian brands and international markets. Their efficient and reliable services have made them a preferred choice for many brands looking to expand their reach.

2. How A2E Makes Shopping Ylian Convenient and Reliable for Singaporeans

With A2E, shopping for Ylian in Singapore has never been easier. They handle everything from order processing to shipping, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers. This means you can focus on picking your favourite Ylian pieces without worrying about the logistics.

3. Shipping Details: Timelines, Costs, etc.

A2E offers competitive shipping rates and ensures timely delivery. Typically, orders are processed within 1-2 business days and shipped within a week. This means you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on Ylian’s beautiful creations. Plus, A2E provides tracking details, so you can keep an eye on your order every step of the way.

IV. Ylian’s Signature Pieces: A Style Guide for Singaporeans

Here are a few of Ylian’s must-have pieces that perfectly embody their vintage-inspired aesthetic and seamlessly integrate into Singapore’s warm climate:

– Linen Dress

A staple in Ylian’s collection, the linen dress is a must-have. It’s light, breathable, and perfect for Singapore’s tropical climate. The vintage-inspired design adds a touch of elegance, making it suitable for both casual outings and more formal occasions.

– Silk Scarf

Another signature piece is the silk scarf. It’s versatile, luxurious, and can elevate any outfit. Whether you wear it around your neck, as a headband, or tied to your bag, it’s a perfect accessory that adds a pop of color and sophistication.

– Woven Bag

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, Ylian’s woven bags are not just functional but also stylish. They are perfect for a day out, offering ample space for your essentials while adding a boho-chic vibe to your look.

When styling these pieces, remember to embrace Ylian’s focus on versatility. The linen dress can be dressed up with heels and statement jewelry for a night out, or paired with sandals for a relaxed daytime look. The silk scarf can add a pop of color to a simple outfit, while the woven bag can be used for work, errands, or a day at the beach.


1. What makes Ylian’s clothing unique?

Ylian offers a unique blend of Vietnamese aesthetics and vintage inspiration with a modern twist. Their garments prioritize comfort, quality, and sustainability, using natural fabrics like linen and silk.

2. How does A2E freight benefit Singaporean shoppers?

A2E provides a reliable and efficient shipping service, ensuring Ylian’s products reach Singaporean customers quickly and in perfect condition.

3. What are Ylian’s most popular items?

Ylian’s linen dresses, silk scarves, and woven bags are among their most popular items, known for their quality and timeless style.

4. Can I track my Ylian order through A2E?

Yes, A2E provides tracking details so you can monitor your order’s progress from dispatch to delivery.

5. How long does shipping take from Vietnam to Singapore?

A2E freight, Ylian’s partnered shipping provider, offers a smooth and reliable delivery process. Specific timelines would be best found on the A2E website, but it typically takes 3-7 business days for delivery to Singapore.


Explore Ylian’s collection online and discover a world where fashion meets sustainability, and timeless style whispers stories of Vietnamese heritage. Feel the difference of natural fabrics on your skin and invest in pieces that will become cherished companions in your wardrobe. Ylian goes beyond clothing; it’s a conscious choice for a more mindful and beautiful world. Visit the Ylian website at https://ylian.store/ or their showroom (if applicable) to start building your Ylian wardrobe today.