Ordering directly from a major retail website in the world or through an intermediary service in Vietnam are two popular ways to buy goods from abroad.

Ordering through online sales is popular amongst Millennials . However, an increasing number of people are opting for international online sales channels. To begin with, their products are of high quality, and they provide professional service and numerous promotions. Second, due to the mix of fake goods, imitation goods, and virtual promotions, online sales in Vietnam have lost trust.

You can manually buy foreign products online in the following ways:


Purchase directly from foreign websites

Step 1: Determine the type of transaction card.

A regular ATM card cannot be used to shop internationally. Customers must instead use a Visa or Mastercard electronic credit card. This is a special type of bank card with additional features that allow online transactions in locations that accept these two brands. The majority of the world’s major e-commerce websites accept payment via Visa or Mastercard. Other brands with similar features or that use Paypal’s e-wallet are also available.

Step 2: Select a website

To begin, prioritize websites with English versions to make the ordering process easier. If the item you want is on a page that does not have an English version, you should go to the original website. Then, to obtain the most basic information, use the automatic translation feature of modern Internet access tools such as Google, Cococ…

At the same time, for a more convenient purchase, select websites that offer shipping to Vietnam. Check the “Shipping” section of each page for the airline’s list of countries that can be shipped to.

Step 3: Research the website’s reputation.

Before you place an order or trade, you should investigate the website’s credibility. You should use reputable sites because once you have entered the required information (address, CCV code on the card…), the transaction is closed and it is difficult to cancel and refund unless you receive and return it. row. Furthermore, customers should carefully read the product description, based on the credit rating that consumers evaluate, vote for the product, the seller, and then decide.

Step 4: Chose size

Each brand has its own size chart with precise measurements in “inches” and “cms” (1 inch = 2.54cm). Buyers should research, look up, and convert from foreign to Vietnamese sizes. A tip for fashion items is to pay attention to the photo model’s measurements and weight to determine what size to wear to approximate your body. Furthermore, many foreign shopping websites include a section for customer feedback. Online buyers should pay attention to this section because it contains the most authentic product descriptions from previous customers. Many photo items appear to be beautiful, but this is not always the case, and vice versa.

Step 5: Payment

Add products to your shopping cart (Add to Cart or Add to Bag). If you don’t need it right away, you can leave it in your cart and wait for the promotions. This saves a significant amount of money. Some websites refuse to ship to Vietnam. As a result, to deliver goods, you can contact a number of reputable courier companies and services. It is best to select one of the available service packages because the company will handle the tax declaration procedures and provide you with the necessary certification documents. The goods will be less likely to be lost or delayed as a result. When using traditional shipping services that do not already provide pre-existing services, you will be required to provide documents to verify that you are the order owner, complete some customs procedures, and take much longer.


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Purchase through middlemen

Ordering through intermediaries in Vietnam is very convenient because no international payment account is required, and the goods are guaranteed. However, the price is higher because it must include buyer wages and exchange rate differences.


Customers send the product link from the website they want to buy from to the person ordering for them in order to purchase goods. The intermediary will then verify the information (product 

quality, price, and seller dependability) and notify the customer.

The intermediary forwards a copy of the customer’s order information. Most home buyers require a deposit of 50-80% of the purchase price. Will pay the remaining amount and receive the goods once the goods arrive in Vietnam.

A household’s purchasing costs are typically calculated using the formula of product price plus buying fee (5-10% of product price), tax, shipping foreign website (if any), and shipping fee from abroad to Vietnam (according to kg).

Because this is a free service and not from an official distributor, the credibility cannot be guaranteed. As a result, you must seek out reputable intermediaries with clear home or office addresses. Ask for a clear receipt or keep a bank transfer receipt when making a deposit. You should pay special attention to the amount of “Talk about” and customer feedback on Facebook.

Before placing an order, you should ask the formula for calculating shipping costs to Vietnam clearly and precisely.

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