The biggest shopping festival of the year, Black Friday 2022, is rapidly approaching. The retail industry’s “giants” have begun to “play tricks” to attract customers, stimulate consumption demand, and increase revenue. E-commerce, in addition to in-store shopping, can help customers optimize their experience.

Thousands of appealing promotional deals from international e-commerce platforms are waiting for you to discover at A2E Ship – a reputable, convenient, and safe shipping unit. Let’s take a look at the EXCLUSIVE HOT DEAL series on A2E Ship on November 25th.

A2E Ship – reputable shipping unit – has thousands of hot deals during the Black Friday season.

1. Why should you shop at e-commerce sites?

An e-commerce floor, also known as an e-commerce exchange, is a cyberspace where online transactions between sellers and buyers take place. Today, this is the most popular online sales channel for shop owners and businesses that deal in goods.

Customers have a great shopping experience thanks to e-commerce.

On the buyer’s side, the e-commerce platform provides numerous benefits; customers can search for products, compare prices, and purchase directly from the website. At the same time, buyers can receive goods at the location they specify via reputable shipping companies.

When it comes to online shopping, Vietnamese consumers will recall well-known international trading platforms such as Amazon, Sephora, Costco, Hautelook… Shopping at these e-commerce sites is now simpler than ever with A2E Ship.

A2E Ship provides a secure, quick, and cost-effective shipping solution.

A2E Ship, founded in 2021, is a transportation and logistics company based in Singapore. We offer customers a shipping service solution, connecting buyers with selling sites. As an A2E Ship member, you can buy goods from international websites and have them delivered to your home at the lowest possible cost.

2. Black Friday – the year’s biggest sale on international e-commerce platforms.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, taking place each year immediately after Thanksgiving. Black Friday will kick off a flurry of shopping days for Americans and people all over the world. On this occasion, you can get super low prices on fashion, technology, cosmetics, and other items, with discounts of up to 80%.

Black Friday 2022 will be held on November 27th.

This year’s Black Friday will be held on November 27 across all platforms, including retail stores and international e-commerce platforms. A2E Ship, a reputable shipping company, is also prepared to assist customers during this year-end shopping season.


A2E Ship offers many exclusive HOT DEALS in addition to the exciting atmosphere of the Black Friday 2022 season. Check it out right now:

  • Look Fantastic

Discount from 50 – 60% on each product

Free shipping on first purchase

25% off your first order when you enter the code “FIRSTLF”

  • Sephora

20% off all products

Up to 50% off some products

10% off your first purchase

  • Shein

Up to 40% off all items

30% off some products

Flash Sale Program 99%

Program “Buy more, save more”

  • Zalora

Up to 80% off, 50% discount voucher

Program “4 days of continuous sale – off”, free shipping

  • Amazon

60% discount on all products

Choose a reputable shipping company and get free shipping for your first order

Discount from 8 – 40$ for the first purchase when entering code NEWBIE

  • FragranceX

Super promotion 80% on all items

Free shipping on first purchase

15% off when you sign up for an account

  • Saturday Club

Free shipping on first order with Singapore A2E address.

Register as an A2E Ship member to receive promotional offers.

To take advantage of the above promotional offers, you must first create an account on A2E Ship’s website system, then select products from international e-commerce platforms and select A2E Ship as a shipping unit.

4. Tips for quickly creating an account and purchasing goods on A2E Ship – today’s most prestigious shipping unit.

You can join A2E Ship, shop, and receive many attractive offers during the Black Friday 2022 season with just a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Register on the website to obtain an identification code and an international shipping address.
  • Step 2: To shop, create an account on the e-commerce platform.
  • Step 3: Choose a product, place an order, and enter the international shipping address at the e-commerce platform’s checkout page.
  • Step 4: Track the order and receive notification from A2E Ship when the goods arrive at A2E’s overseas warehouse.
  • Step 5: Select a shipping method and pay the shipping fee through A2E’s secure payment system.
  • Step 6: Receive the goods from A2E Ship and open the package to check the page.

With only a few days until Black Friday, the year’s largest consumer festival, what are you waiting for to select your favorite products and add them to your shopping cart? With the above promotional deals, you will have an extremely cost-effective and efficient shopping season. A2E Ship – a reputable shipping company always accompanies customers when shopping on international e-commerce platforms.

Articles and images compiled by A2E Ship.