Vietnamese consumers can now shop online from anywhere in the world thanks to advancements in online payment technologies. But there were also several challenges in the purchasing process, particularly with regard to language, customs, and shipping expenses. The emergence of household shipping services was a response to the aforementioned issues.

A secure and practical option for international purchasing is home delivery.


Household shipping company available today.

A2E Ship, a provider of transportation and logistics solutions for customers worldwide, was founded in Singapore in 2021 and delivers goods ordered for home delivery to your home. We are pleased to provide the Vietnamese people the best shopping experiences, international delivery and receipt, as well as affordable shipping and storage options, all with the help of cutting-edge technology.

A2E Ship – the most reputable and expert household shipping company available today.

You can shop on all retail website platforms and international e-commerce platforms using the A2E Ship shipping service. You only need to give product information from the account that has been set up on the system, then wait for the items to be delivered to your hands. Since its founding, A2E Ship has always received favorable reviews from clients because of the caliber of its expert services:

  • Advanced security measures

A2E Ship’s use of security technologies can guarantee the privacy of its clients’ personal data. As a result, you can shop without concern for disclosing user information.

  • Affordable pricing and assistance with customs clearance

A2E Ship’s service price is at the highest level available; there are no additional fees that are not covered by the contract. When compared to ordering or having others buy the items for you, the delivery of the goods is quick, safe, and more affordable. Additionally, we assist clients with the required customs clearance processes at the same time.

Major retailers and e-commerce sites from around the world are partners of A2E Ship.

  • Customers can receive goods anywhere thanks to A2E Ship’s extensive shipping scale. commitment to product quality and delivery schedule
  • The shipping team at A2E Ship is dedicated to providing goods on schedule while maintaining the integrity and caliber of the shipment.
  • Storage, collection, and shipping regulations

Upon receiving the customer’s information, A2E Ship will proceed to place the order in accordance with the model, quantity, size, and color specifications as well as the request and payment. In other words, A2E handles every step of the purchasing process; the buyer only needs to wait to receive the goods.

  • Orders are paid for COD lingo.

With household payment, the buyer is required to carry out all order and purchase processes themselves. Without interfering with any of the steps in the purchase process, the A2E party will assist the customer in paying their purchase invoices. According to the credit balance limit in the customer’s A2E account, A2E will pay.


The A2E Ship – the most prestigious home shipping vessel available today.

A2E Ship offers free storage for up to 14 days, as well as the ability to collect multiple orders and ship them all at once to save money. With the policies listed above, A2E Ship’s service is ideal for small-scale retailers and personal consumption. Home delivery service is the preferred option due to its convenience, safety, and cost savings. Excellent option for Vietnamese consumers’ international shopping needs. To get the best care, go with reputable household purchase units on the market. A2E Ship is excited to accompany customers on their upcoming shopping trips.

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